You’ve dedicated your life caring for others

It’s now time to create a life you can call your own!

I’m Carlien

As an Expat trailing spouse, I know first-hand what it feels like to invest years in juggling the kids, work, friends, and community to only discover at midlife …….. Those kids don’t need you and for society to perceive you as not even visible, let alone desirable.

I work with women wo are done battling their pasts, bodies and self-esteem and are looking for a more authenticity and joy in every aspect of their lives, work, relationships and even parenting.

I bring all of my hard-won life lessdegree in ons, my innate compassion and optimism, along with my psychology and certification as a life coach to create safe environments for women to explore and discover their true worth.

Just imagine if…..

You threw out some of your beliefs on how life is meant to be, overcome resistance to make changes and live your life by design.

You began living your life fully now, rather than waiting for some perfect time to pursue your dreams.

Your life was filled with nurturing and supportive relationships ….. Starting with the relationship with you.

You accepted your body – wrinkles, cellulite and all – learned to age with grace, dignity and self-acceptance.


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